Greetings!  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Keith Gamache Jr. and my name sign is known as “KJ”.  I was raised in San Diego, California.  I came from a Deaf family including a brother.  I grew up in a mainstreaming setting until high school when I got transferred to California School for the Deaf, at Riverside.   Upon graduation, I took up undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University and majored in history.  I attended graduate school at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon focusing on teacher education.  I have been involved with Deaf education, ASL studies, interpreting for the past fifteen years.  I take great pleasure being a part of this venture and being able to contributing factor to students and the Deaf community.  I have enjoyed the initial success with “The Eyeth Story” and I have revamped the original to present more information that will be beneficial with ASL literacy.  It is my hope that I would continue to produce more in the near future.

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